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"My Most Magnificent Me"

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Discover You

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Transformative Healing


Reverse Chronic DISEASE

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Revive SPIRITUAL Integrity

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Are you searching? Searching for answers to questions no one seems to be able to explain? Questions about Your physical health? Your emotional well-being? Your mental stability? Your spiritual awakening?

Well, here's the simple answer: You are perfect in this moment!

Now here's the extended answer: it may require a lot of work and effort to allow yourself to recognize and realize this perfection... Although it doesn't have to!

Let me be your guide. Let me guide you into Yourself; into the realization of your own perfection!!

I have sought and received guidance from a select few who have lead me to the Ultimate Guide, my own Heart. Now I turn to offer the same guidance to You!

You deserve to realize the Truth: the nature of Your Own Perfection! You deserve to release all the aches and pain, all the suffering, all the self-punishment and self-destruction, all the self-imposed holding patterns, blocks, limitations, and deluded states of victim hood! You deserve to recognize and most importantly, to BE the Enlightened Creator that You Are!!

What people say


“Everything is so crazy wonderful! I am breezing through days with Light and Joy! Even with most difficult patients… I am present and remind them that this is what is happening Now. Even my husband came home stressed and I just explained the Joy and Gratitude I have for Life and instead of sitting in front of the computer listening to negative news, he agreed to listen to some Eckhart! Wooo! Thanks!! I know it’s me, but you are an amazing soul buddy! So much Love!!”
- Andrea, RN, May 2017

"Ahhh, dearest Erika. The tools you have shown, that you have permitted me to see for myself have been so useful. I am using them everyday! My life here is so much more of what I want in life and I am finally able to allow myself to head where I really want to go. To just BE, specially! The moment present. Thank you so much. I am so grateful. I continue the healing here and I am learning so much!"
Gabrielle Brigitte Cadieux, Film Producer, May 2017

I just want to say thanks for sharing so much of your time this morning. It is always an honour for me to converse with one who is dedicated to self evolution and one who vibrates with a passion to guide those that are ready to open up to the journey of awakening. The world is ready to embrace those like yourself who carry the torch of enlightenment!

Glennis Taylor, Editorialist, The New Agora , May, 2017