Our Story

Nature's Revival existed long before I even knew what it was. It originated out of a childhood knowing that I would help and serve Life, for Life. My passion has evolved into a desire to care for, and connect with Life in all its forms: plant, animal, human, spirit, and everything in between. And so, Nature's Revival grows through my own personal evolution, as I continue to discover and encounter opportunity in every moment of my journey.





Our Philosophy

At Nature’s Revival, we understand that each individual walks their own unique journey through Life, including unique experiences, discoveries, and healing paths. This is why we’re ready to join and support you at whichever stage of healing you currently exist. Regardless of the ailment, or its state of progression, we will guide you through reversal of your physiological disease, mental imbalance, emotional disturbance, or spiritual turmoil.

Our Healer

I am that I am, because I am. 

... and so I have come to discover, that I am - just as you are - a fractal of Divine God Source.           I am a Being of Light experiencing the human experience... and Loving every moment of it!


My journey is similar to yours, though the details may differ :  I have lived through my War (call it turmoil or trauma); I have discovered that I Love myself and "the others" involved in my War; and in Love, I have healed and come to Peace.                        Now, I Live and express Life exclusively through Love. I no longer experience turmoil or trauma because my War (in fact, I was at War with myself all along) has ended. I realize that I Create my own reality, and everything that I Create for myself presents an amazing challenge and opportunity for me to be my most magnificent Me, in every moment of my existence!  

Imagine ... "my most magnificent Me in every moment"... how Peaceful that must be...

Such IS the procession of Life: War, Love, Peace.

Hmm, I could write a book - in fact I will - about every challenge and opportunity - in retrospect - which has lead me to my current now. But suffice it to say that, like many, I was reared by strict rule and physical punishment, and consequently, certain instances have been permanently lodged in my psyche. Yet, after battling myself and my own self confidence for years, I realize that I Love myself and every experience that I have Lived, because each experience has shown me, Me! 

I now realize that discovering Me is the most magnificent gift I can give myself… and I wish to share such a gift.

So, invite me to walk with You through Your War; allow me to guide You into Your Love; and let me help You find Your Peace. This is where You deserve to be, Peaceful in Your own existence, to discover and create the most magnificent You imaginable!!

As a Healer, it is my great honour and pleasure to share in your experience, and to offer You guidance, wisdom, and clarity along your journey to health. 

With Love,