Deluded Victim to Enlightened Creator: Transformation of Self

Deluted Victim to Enlightened Creator - Book by Erika Nabuurs




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Choose In to Your Life!!
Put You back in the Driver’s Seat and Get what You Want in Every Moment!

Learn effective skills for Real-Life Transformations!
Revive Personal Integrity, through Physiological Restoration, Emotional Untangling, Psychological Retraining of Recurring Patterns, and Identification of Your Unique Core Truth.

Learn how to identify what you want. Then learn to communicate what you want, with whom, when and how you want it! Then sit back, and watch Yourself Create Your Heart's Deepest Desires, through Acceptance of Your Most Magnificent Potential!!

Deluded Victim to Enlightened Creator: Transformation of Self, offers a Guiding Light out of the darkness and into the most Brilliant You! Drawing from personal and clinical experience with transformative healing, and the insight of master yogis and healers around the world, I will guide You through taking stock of your physical body, digging deep into chronic pain and disease, to reveal unresolved emotion and trauma lodged in the physical and energetic body, creating blocks and resistance patterns. Slowly, I will guide You inward to look at your deepest doubts, fears, insecurities, loathings, and destructive patterns. Then we'll look at how to bring them to Light, reveal the delusion that they are, release them, and Set You Free! 

This book offers something for everybody! You can read straight through; select your preferred section; or open the book "at random" and read whichever page you open too! It will Empower and Inspire You through your own Healing and Evolutionary Growth; out of your struggling victimhood and into your Creative Light. It is with profound Joy and Peace that I compile and offer this work of Love.





ERIKA NABUURS  Author | Healer | Speaker | Visionary

My name is Erika Nabuurs. I am a Healer and I have chosen to write Deluded Victim to Enlightened Creator: Transformation of Self, as a source of insight and empowerment. Having consciously walked through this journey myself, the purpose of this book has become, to share my personal and clinical experiences and awareness of the steps and practices required to attain Freedom from Your own Limitations and Restraints. Together with the insights and offerings from Master Healers and Visionaries around the Globe, I endeavour to share this work for the benefit of All!