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Complete Self Transformation: Integrity Workshop Series

May 17, 2016 @ 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Complete Self Transformation Workshop

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Meeting ID: 377 735 2404

Choose In to Your Life with Complete Self-Transformation!

How would You like to Live Your Life completely FREE of muscle pains, body aches, emotional turmoil, and mental disruption? Possible? You bet it is!! Because contrary to popular belief, we’re not here to suffer through this life; we’re here to embrace the experience of Self-Discovery!

Learn effective skills for real-life transformations!

Transform: Pain into Pleasure; Depression into Wonder; Sorrow into Joy;  Belief into Knowing; Victim into Creator; and Critical Mind into Embracing Heart.

Recognize that You are already Perfect, exactly as You are! ... You may simply Choose to Transform your perception of Yourself, in order to see Your Perfection more Clearly!

Learn how to put You back in the driver’s seat of Your own Life. Choose In and get what You want in Your Life, every moment! Restore personal Integrity, through physiological restoration, emotional untangling, psychological retraining, and identification of your unique Core Truth...

Throughout this 10-part Webinar Series, You will learn about several predisposing factors causing physiological, psychological, and emotional disease and disharmony in the human organism. You will also learn effective skills to address and eliminate causal factors at each level of disease.

Week 1, May 17th: I will present a comprehensive overview of my Complete Self Transformation system of healing, as well as a discussion of the Phases of Healing, as they apply to Your Transformation toward Optimal Health. Opportunity will be given to on-site participants, to get tested and receive corrections for blood sugar instability, sympathetic dominance, and basic emotional instability. Remote Healing will be available upon request by Webinar viewers. Instruction will also be given on how to perform these tests at home on your loved ones, and have them perform the tests and corrections on you.

Weeks 2-5: I will explain critical components necessary to build a Solid Physiological Foundation; including healthy blood sugar levels, hydration status and water metabolism, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and excretory functions. As the weeks progress, I will dive deeper into the physiology of stress, including the autonomic nervous system and its role in the stress response ('Fight or Flight') versus the healing response ('Rest and Digest'). I will discuss the enteric nervous system and its relationship with healthy micro-bacterial populations in the gut; as well as hormone and neurotransmitter synthesis as they depend on a healthy gastrointestinal environment, and contribute to optimal brain chemistry and the promotion of healthy mood.

Week 6-7: I will discuss Emotional Entanglement, and present techniques and strategies specific to untangling and disassociating your emotions from your stress response, so that You may enjoy every emotion you experience, and allow it to pass through you without becoming attached to it and allowing it to drive you. I'll explain the function and physiological effects of the Emotional Erase technique, and then run a couple willing participants through the process, as well as testing everyone's Baseline Stress Level and Optimal Emotional Resilience. I will teach Core Essence Protection meditation, as a means to protect your own energy stores, as well as reverberate negative energy away from yourself. We’ll also investigate Language and the power of Words to empower us to take control of our lives. Communication too is critical, and so we’ll review the “5 Steps to Resolve a Perceived Offense.”

Week 8-10: I will describe psychological distress as it relates to shielding and limiting yourself to your comfort zone, projecting yourself onto others, and reflecting yourself in others. I will further describe how we create recurring events in our life, to present our self with the opportunity to make desired choices. But until we choose in favor of our true desire, we continue to recreate the same scenarios over and over again. I will teach you to stop lying to yourself about what you want, by identifying your deepest desires in highest priority. You’ll learn to Own 100% of the Responsibility for Yourself, in every situation. You’ll learn to release attachments to expected outcomes; to recognize every moment and every situation as an opportunity to choose; and to Choose Your Truth, and Choose what you Want. Experience the processes of Choice Dialogue and Core Inquiry. You’ll never be the same!

Come acquire the skills You've been searching for, to Choose In to Your Life, in every moment, every situation, and every outcome!


May 17, 2016
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm


Cornerstone Health Centre
3335 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada