My Offering

To shift the body’s autonomic nervous system, default setting from Sympathetic Dominance to Parasympathetic Dominance.

From Fight or Flight to Rest + Digest. From STRESS to RELAX

To Guide People along their Journey from mind into HEART!! To draw people out of their disillusioned state of victimhood and struggle, and guide them into their True Reality, as Master Creators of their own Universe!!

Which means, recognizing the reality that we create every situation in our Lives, including illness, injury, and insult!

We are creating opportunities for Personal Growth… How we choose to navigate the opportunity is a different story!!

I offer the Skills and Training at all physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels, necessary to navigate each opportunity we create for ourselves in a Purely Constructive Manner, in order to produce Active Growth!!

Revive Personal Integrity, through Physiological Restoration, Emotional Untangling, Release of Recurring Psychological Patterns, and Spiritual/Energetic Awakening.

Complete Self Transformation is a Comprehensive Health Rehabilitation System, which restores your body’s ability to self-regulate by establishing physiological and energetic Harmony.

CST provides structural, physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual rehabilitation and revival. This health system is foundationally derived from the art of Magnetic Healing.

Assessment occurs by the use of touch points on the body, which correlate with specific physiological systems. Muscle testing (applied kinesiology), is used to identify dysfunctional systems via specified body touch points. Optimal physiological function of each system is restored through corrections performed as a series of mechanical stimulation to spinal nerve roots.

These stimulate the autonomic nervous system and activate parasympathetic dominance, aka “Rest and Digest.” This is the only physiological state in which

Healing can occur.

By combining CST, Chakra Harmonization, Magnetic Healing, Homeopathy, Bowen Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Breath Training, Yoga Training, Language-use retraining, and more, I offer a comprehensive pathway through your rehabilitation process, and movement OUT of your current state of pain, suffering, and victimhood.

 I strive to retrain You + Your body to Listen + Recognize Your own cues, in order to Self-Regulate Harmoniously!

In essence, I’m guiding you through the clearing-out of all the ‘noise’ so that you can communicate with Your SELF,

to implement Your uniquely optimal lifestyle, and become

Master Creator of Your Own Life!

With Love.