Complete Self Transformation

It Is Time to Shift Your Paradigm!

Cut through Your own Bullshit! Identify Your own Hypocrisies! See through Your own Illusions.

Drop Your Storyline and Make Way for the Integrity of Your Being!

Within this offering I address cross-spectrum health issues including physiological, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and energetic.

You will learn how to identify persistent and prevailing stressors and emotional blocks in your life and how to re-perceive their purpose and reality in your life.

  1. You will learn how to RESOLVE and WALK OUT of Your acute illnesses, chronic ailments, and traumas, Once & For All!

  2. You will REMEMBER how to Navigate your own Life and relationships around you, via directive from Your Inner Being…by Clearing Out all the auxiliary information, all the chatter, self-doubt, mistrust, self-destructive, & self-sabotaging patterns…to See, to Listen, to FEEL and to TRUST Your Authentic Truth, Your SELF!

  3. You will Learn how to Come to Choice, Take Action, and Follow Through on Life, from this place of PERSONAL CLARITY & UNDERSTANDING.

Essentially, You will watch YourSELF Transform:

From compounded complexity to flowing simplicity, From mind to HEART, From fractured separation to Oneness & All-ness simultaneously.

I can certainly assure you that if you feel this process resonates with you, and if you feel you are ready and wanting to look at and resolve some of your most persisting chronic issues, deepest emotional blocks and resistance points, than You will most definitely benefit from this experience (and this investment... in YOURSELF!!).

You'll start noticing a difference in yourself (the way you feel about yourself, the way you conduct yourself with others, the way you feel about your presence in this world, etc, etc) within weeks!! That being said, it is an extended work project and the work will go on, beyond the 3 months that you spend with me... but you will see that it becomes much easier and more JOYFUL to navigate life for yourself, and with others...Because, among other things, you will learn how to CLEARLY IDENTIFY & EXPRESS Your TRUTH to whomever, whenever, wherever, without reservation or guilt for doing so!!

By the time we reach 3 months, You will be laughing at yourself more often, you will pick up on your stress triggers faster and be able to navigate through them and release them on your own, and among many other things which we will discuss in session, you will find yourself LOVING YOURSELF (and others) and being COMPASSIONATE with YOURSELF (and others) on a regular basis!!!

My primary interest is getting a commitment from my patients, that they are ready to dig deep for themselves and to work for their own health (with my guidance and support of course!!).

I will customize an approach for you based on your needs as revealed in the initial consultation, but my approach will follow generally along the format of my personally designed Complete Self Transformation (CST) offering. This offering has proven incredibly and unspeakably transformative (physiologically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically) for more than 50 people who have committed to the investment in themselves (myself included)!

The incredible results come primarily from the commitment, made from both sides; you having the courage to dig deep and clean out the "crud" on all levels, and me to guide and support you through the ups and downs of that journey!! For this reason, I encourage you consider the full 40hrs offering first and foremost. We can discuss variations and alternatives in session.

You can check out testimonials from people who have walked through the 40hrs CST Offering here: