“Everything is so crazy wonderful! I am breezing through days with Light and Joy! Even with most difficult patients… I am present and remind them that this is what is happening Now. Even my husband came home stressed and I just explained the Joy and Gratitude I have for Life and instead of sitting in front of the computer listening to negative news, he agreed to listen to some Eckhart! Wooo! Thanks!! I know it’s me, but you are an amazing soul buddy! So much Love!!” - Andrea, RN, May 2017


“Yay! I’ve known this for so long … Thank You for helping me pull back the veil of illusion! You are a powerful healer!” - Andrea, RN, May 2017



As first time parents, we never fully understood the wave that was about to come our way, but knew we wanted support. Our Healer and Doula, Erika, was outstanding at ensuring our mental and physical energies were channeled towards the birth of our son, effectively. Her connection was personal, open, and warm. Prior to the birth, she was present to help, listen, and guide us through our concerns and decisions. She also helped both of us to relax and release stressors present. Throughout the birth, she was an effective team leader by being hands-on to release pain, communicate details of our medical plan and synchronize best approaches for birth with the hospital staff. Our birth could not have been more of a success! She came in to our life at the right time! - Cécile and Adam Style, September 2016



"Ahhh, dearest Erika. The tools you have shown, that you have permitted me to see for myself have been so useful. I am using them everyday! My life here is so much more of what I want in life and I am finally able to allow myself to head where I really want to go. To just BE, specially! The moment present. Thank you so much. I am so grateful. I continue the healing here and I am learning so much!" Gabrielle Brigitte Cadieux, Film Producer, May 2017


"You Truly are a Master Healer!" Gabrielle Brigitte Cadieux, Film Producer, Feb 2017


I just want to say thanks for sharing so much of your time this morning. It is always an honour for me to converse with one who is dedicated to self evolution and one who vibrates with a passion to guide those that are ready to open up to the journey of awakening. The world is ready to embrace those like yourself who carry the torch of enlightenment! Glennis Taylor, Editorialist, The New Agora , May, 2017



“I’m cutting cords that weigh me down!” “I’m shedding weights that I’ve carried for years; and I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally lighter!” – Flavie Dufrenne, Graphic Design, Nov 2016


“I am now CLEAR and HONEST with myself!” “I’m giving space to consider options, without self-judgment.” “I’m learning to LISTEN and TRUST my intuition.” – Flavie Dufrenne, Graphic Design, Nov 2016


“Amazing things are happening!” “I use to be recluse, but now people are contacting me, asking for my design services and wanting to promote me!” “I use to be bored, but now I’m so busy I have to turn clients away!” – Flavie Dufrenne, Graphic Design, Nov 2016



“In one session, my persistently blurry vision reversed to HD quality!” – Frédérique Remy, Producer, Director, Aug 2017
“My neck has been locked at 45o rotation to the left, since 1989…In one session of guided introspection and physiological correction, it released to full 90o rotation!” “I can look over my shoulder again!” – Frédérique Remy, Producer, Director, Oct 2016


“The world would be a much healthier place, if they would replace all the psychiatrists with people like you Erika!” – Frédérique Remy, Producer, Director, Nov 2016



I’ve only just started the program, and after just one visit, my anxiety is reducing and I’ve already cleaned up 3 relationships, by allowing myself to communicate exactly what I want! You helped me find the confidence to choose myself first! – Sarah Bishop, Urban Forester, Oct 2016


“Erika, You gave me the coordinates, now I’m just Free-Wheeling!” – Sarah Bishop, Urban Forester, Dec 2016



Even just your words offer so much comfort and support, in this time of personal exhaustion and worry for my premature infant. - Karla Holiove, June 2016



Erika is not only a professional but also an amazing person to be around. It is very clear upon meeting her that she was born to be a healer and loves to help any way she can. Erika's presence is very comforting and I found myself able to tell her anything which in turn aided tremendously in my mental and physical well being. I went to Erika for a shoulder injury and with the use of bowen therapy the experience was profound to say the least. Not only did my shoulder pain subside but the session left me physically, mentally and spiritually content. With an open mind and a sense of trust towards Erika (which you'll feel instantly) you will leave her sessions with one of the greatest sensations ever.                    - Zachary McEllig
With an open mind and a sense of trust towards Erika - which you'll feel instantly - you will leave her sessions with one of the greatest sensations ever!